NFL & MLB's Brandon Magee for SOCIAL Magazine

NFL & MLB Star Brandon Magee get's classy with MUSE for SOCIAL the Lifestyle Magazine. Ladies, it doesn't get much better than this. Not only is Brandon extremely talented in the fact that he's one of the youngest athletes to play two professional sports (for the Red Sox and Buccaneers) at once, but he's really nice and very smart.

It's rare working with people like Brandon because at first you question if someone that talented can still be relatable, but after a few short moments of hanging out with him you realize he's extremely down to Earth and the coolest person to work with. We had a great time watching Holly Larry style him and seeing his images come to life. The final product is easily my favorite men's feature to date.


See Brandon's feature for SOCIAL the Lifestyle Magazine here:

Photography: Shannon Jankula

Feature by: MUSE Publishing

Wardrobe stylist: Holly Larry

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