Want to grow your Instagram following organically? Looking to gain more fans and achieve a larger audience? MUSE offers a specialized service to clients to grow their Instagram accounts with real and targeted followers (i.e. fans, brands and photographers). Our goal is to turn these followers into customers for your brand.

How do we do this?

We do this primarily by engaging with other Instagram users who are in your industry or fitness fans and this naturally grows your account overtime. We're very careful about making sure your following is real, active and mostly relative to your industry.I would estimate your account would gain about 3-4K followers a month for the first few months and will begin to increase from there. We also will get your engagement up so people are commenting and liking more photos.I've been using this method on my personal account @lightsfox and you can see I have very active followers, so I would like to use this same method with your account.As this is a new service for us we're offering it for $499 for 2 months and if you're happy with your results we'd put together a 6 month plan for you.